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Our events bring together thousands of people in one-day, regional expos that focus on health awareness, education, unique products and support for those who live a gluten-free life. Our expos in Harrisburg and Philly offer the perfect venue for you or someone you love with a diagnosis of celiac disease, another type of gluten sensitivity or allergy, and anyone who chooses to live gluten-free as part of a healthier lifestyle.

2019 Expo Sponsors

sponsors for our events include presenting sponsor, Wegmans, and Gluten Free Living.

Full Schedules of Speakers, Classes, Displays, Tastings & More!

Spend a day in a gluten-free paradise as you learn, sample and experience new brands. Try and buy unique and artisan products. Meet experts in the field of celiac disease and gluten-free living. Stock up on gluten-free goodies you can’t easily purchase normally. And enter to win tons of amazing door prizes!

Meet Supportive Friends Who Live Gluten-Free

These premier events offer opportunities to network with vendors and discover new and unique gluten-free tastes and brands. Visitors with significant health challenges can meet with Beyond Celiac, local support groups and other organizations that can offer assistance with their gluten-free lifestyle.

Two Great Events - Two Great Places

Order tickets well in advance to get a discounted price.